Applaws Dog Senior Chicken (2 kg)

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Applaws Dog Senior Chicken (2 kg)

AED90.00 AED81.00

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For dogs aged 7 years and above.

Many dry dog foods are packed with grains, but diets high in grain can be really hard for dogs to digest. This can lead to kidney problems down the line, and dogs can also develop sensitivities and allergies.

Applaws Senior Dog Food contains 50% meat, and are formulated specifically to meet the needs of older dogs.

A complete and 100% natural dry food for the senior dog, which is rich in chicken and contains no cereals. It contains 75% meat and 25% vegetables for a natural diet. Applaws Senior with Chicken is a complete natural dry dog food intended for all breeds. As a complete dry food, Applaws contains 75% meat with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, which are designed to simulate a natural diet in a dry form. Applaws dog food does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colourings or chemical additives.

Dog are natural carnivores and they need meat to thrive and to be healthy. Dogs intestines are shorter than that of cows, horses and people, which is adapted to absorb protein contained in meat far better than found in cereals such as wheat, maize and barley. Applaws also contains an active Pro-biotic which may encourage protective and friendly bacteria in the gut to support a healthy digestive system in both puppies and adult dogs.
As well as being naturally hypo-allergenic, it contains purified beta glucan from yeast to help improve the immune system.

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